GUITAR: Getting started, chords, tablature, sight-reading for school band, music theory, timing, pentatonic and major scale soloing, songwriting, how to play your favorite songs. 

BASS:  Getting started, chords, tablature, sight-reading for school band, bass line construction, timing, music theory, how to be a productive member of an original band, slapping - from Flea to Marcus Miller, two hand tapping, how to play your favorite songs.

Music lessons are a great elective class that is both fun and educational.      Everyone can accomplish some level of proficiency in music.  When you master a song it carries over to every aspect of learning and confidence.  Everyone is playing something they’re proud to show off to their friends within a couple of months.

Incorporating basic music fundamentals into songs you and your family listen to, my lesson curriculum is individually tailored for every student.  Over the years I’ve worked with many families that have different needs, which is why I don’t have any one regimented approach.  Over 30% of my student base is from “home school” families so I have a lot of experience identifying and adapting to a students particular learning style.   There are several effective approaches to teaching music such as playing by “ear” or sight-reading.  I can also record lessons to review during the week.

I’ve been a musician for over 25 years.  I’ve taught professionally, full time, for 11 years.    I have a bass instructional video available through national music magazines like Bass Player and Guitar Player, sold in supermarkets everywhere.  I won ‘Live At The Apollo’ in New York, in February of 2002.  Throughout my late teens and 20’s I won numerous “Battle of the Bands” contests throughout Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Berkeley. 

All lessons are held at Riffs Music in Temecula.  Individual lessons are thirty minutes, once a week.  Students should practice at home for 20 minutes, three days a week.   Parents are invited to attend lessons or there is a large waiting area.  The cost is $95 per month for four lessons. 

Riffs Music offers instrument rentals.